During his tenure with the New York State Attorney General's Office, Mr. Schwarz prosecuted one of the first Internet gambling cases in the United States. He also advised governmental entities, both domestically and abroad, on issues relating to Internet gambling, assisting them in developing Internet gambling laws and policies. Mr. Schwarz has continued that work during his employment with the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Internet Gambling Related Press Releases
  1. Spitzer Wins Precedent-Setting Internet Casino Gambling Case - July 26, 1999
  2. Court Orders Penalties In Internet Casino Case - July 27, 2000
Internet Gambling Cases
State of NY v. World Interactive Gaming Corp. - Precedent setting Internet gambling decision

Internet Gambling Related Reports, Testimony and Policy Work
  1. Report of the U.S. Public Sector Gaming Study Commission on Internet Gambling - includes excerpts from the testimony of Joel Michael Schwarz before the Commission in June 1999 (North Carolina)
  2. New York State Gambling Policies Report (issued February 2000) - includes excerpts from the testimony of Joel Michael Schwarz before the Public Sector Gaming Commission, as well as a discussion of the Internet Gambling case prosecuted by Mr. Schwarz ("State of NY v. World Interactive Gaming Corp.")
  3. Report of the Select Committee on "Internet and Interactive Home Gambling and Gambling by Other Means of Telecomunication in South Australia" (issued October 4, 2000), Fourth Session of the Forty-Ninth Parliament 2000-2001 --- informal meetings and testimony provided by Joel Schwarz in Canberra, Australia 2000